How to Produce Direct Food Delivery Orders to Your Restaurant

People online are searching for your menu and special promos to order food for delivery. What digital marketing strategy do you use to help them find you?

The Demand for Online Food Order Deliveries Will Continue to Grow

73% of Consumers Order Directly From the Restaurant. How much of this revenue will be your share in 2020?

(Revenue figures provided by Statista)

Why is Digital Marketing a Game Changer for Local Food Businesses?

Digital marketing has fueled businesses to experience sales like never before. It does this by enabling your brand to communicate better with customers and prospects.

Today, the marketing process works on multiple levels. You need to take a multi-faceted approach in order to get the best results.

You Need a Team Partner To Effectively Apply a Digital Marketing Strategy

We know from experience that most small and medium businesses don’t have the digital platforms to apply online strategies and evaluate results. That’s why we’ve built 3 key digital platforms for you. Use them to grow your customer base.

3 Integrated Digital Channels + Analytics Support to Grow Your Customer Base

Online Store Landing Page

An online store landing page serves as the primary channel for sending food delivery orders/inquiries direct to your marketing staff. It’s a good source of data for analyzing marketing campaigns and product promotions.

We build your online store/landing page with your logo, brand name, menu items, contact info, location and custom order/inquiry form.

Food Blog for Content & Email Marketing

The biggest challenge in digital marketing (for any business) is creating relevant content for its target audience.

We solve this challenge for you by regularly publishing articles about the local food scene on our Culinary Scene Investigator Food Blog.

Our Blog attracts your target audience, keeps your customers engaged and informs buyers about upcoming promotions.

Email Marketing

Why email?

  • It’s cost effective, versatile, immediate, personal and trackable
  • 83% increase in spending when email marketing is used
  • 70% of digital marketers see email as the top channel for Returns on Investment
  • $32 average return for every $1 spent on email marketing
  • 81% of SMBs rely on email as their primary channel to acquire new customers, and 80% for retention
  • 89% of marketers consider their email strategy successful
(Sources: Constant Contact, Emarsys, DMA)

Marketing Campaign Analytics Support

We use Google Analytics to analyze how users interact with your online store/landing page when you launch a promotion or marketing campaign.

Analytics allow us to learn where your visitors come from, what devices they use, gender, age and other data that you can use to create better campaigns in the future.

The Benefits of Having an Online Store/Landing Page for Marketing Campaigns 


Mobile is part of the customer journey which spans across devices. Mobile search is more local in nature. About 50% of such searches result in a visit to the business.


In digital marketing you can only differentiate your brand effectively (most of the time), through an emotional connection conveyed by your USP.


Forms help customers order or inquire about your products without buying pressure. They are indispensable for acquiring contact data for other marketing channels.


Your customer base grows one marketing campaign at a time. Each time you launch a promotion, your landing page adds new customers to your list.


Social Media presents opportunities for customers to relate to your brand in a personal way. It often encourages word-of-mouth recommendations.


Your hero shot is the visual representation of your brand. It helps people better understand what you offer or what it looks like.

The Unfair Advantages of Having a Digital Marketing Partner

Concentrate on growing your business while we work in the background.


Creating relevant content that consumers will engage with, and act on, is the biggest challenge for businesses. Valuable content help customers make buying decisions faster and more frequent.


Email is a powerful tool for reaching new customers and is a key part of our digital marketing strategy. About 80% of consumers prefer to receive marketing messages through email.


Conversion is the process of helping customers complete small, incremental goals that ultimately lead to a purchase. It’s a process of continuous improvement, one small step at a time.


Customers come from many sources (social media, search engines, print ads). Product promotions achieve best results when your marketing campaign is synchronized across media channels.


Digital marketing enables you to automate routine marketing tasks so you’re available for customers 24/7. It helps streamline office operations and is a key tool for generating more sales.


We use Google Analytics to analyze how users interact with your landing page. Analytics can identify best selling products and find useful data for launching a better marketing campaign the next time.

Let’s Get Your Business Ready for a Digital Transformation

Integrate our 3 platforms to expand your target audience, grow your buyers’ list and engage your customers long term.

You’ll be Surprised at How Easy, Affordable and Effective Digital Marketing Can Be

Our Digital Marketing Team

Mark Mendoza

Digital Marketing Strategist

Mark honed his digital marketing and analytics skills by delivering a broad range of web application services to various clients in the Philippines and the U.S. since 2009. His focus is on small and medium-sized businesses in the food industry.

Danii Mendoza

Media Analyst

Danii is a media analyst. She deals with different brand messaging systems on TV, radio and digital channels such as social media. Danii has dealt with both types of media messages for enterprise and medium-sized businesses.

Gabe Borromeo

Lifestyle Writer

Gabe organizes what she sees around her and loves to put it into words. She has been contributing her articles for the Daily Tribune newspaper, Tinig ng Marino (maritime) newspaper, Cook magazine, Appetite magazine and F&B World magazine.

David Mendoza

Software Engineer

David deals mostly with enterprise-level web software. Occassionally, he applies his skills on software applications for medium-sized businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

What is the main purpose of my online store/landing page?

Your online store sends food orders or inquiries via email to your marketing staff for processing. Its main purpose is to gather contact data of new customers. It’s also the main source of web data for use in analytics.

I already have a website, which serves as my store online. Why do I need a landing page?

A digital marketing strategy uses multiple platforms to deliver the results needed to achieve your marketing goals. A website/online store is only one component.

You’ll need to create relevant content and email marketing to grow your customer base, and keep them engaged with your business. You’ll need web analytics to analyze marketing promotions, and create better ones in the future.

Will you post our marketing promotions on your blog?

Yes. Send us your promo details and we will post them on our CSI blog. We will link your promo post directly to your landing page so blog subscribers can inquire details, place orders or share your promo with their friends.

Will you email our promos to your blog subscribers?

Yes. It’s part of our digital marketing package.

What happens when a customer places a food order or inquiry from my landing page?

Your landing page sends food orders or inquiries via email to your marketing staff for processing. Its main purpose is to gather contact data of new customers. It’s also the main source of web data for use in analytics.

How will my customers pay for their food delivery orders?

We DO NOT collect payments for food delivery orders. Customers pay for their orders directly to you, based on your payment methods and policies.

Will you accept payments for food delivery orders online?

We do not accept online payments as of now. We may include this service in the future. Customers arrange payments and deliveries for their orders directly with you.

Can I use my landing page when I post on my social media accounts?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to use your landing page as your central platform for your promotions. Use the data we provide in our analytics reports to evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns.


Digital Marketing Package

Landing Page/Online Store Templates

We use Divi for our Page Templates

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